Collection – Who Ran the World? Girls!

The premise for this one is that all of the heroes we know about, from Arthur to Vanhelsing, and everything in between, was actually a female. Alt history at it’s finest, we want to see your stories…featuring kick-ass women!

As we’re only accepting one rewrite of each figure – and we already have Arthur and Van Helsing – it’s first come first served on this one. As we get more entries, we’ll share which are claimed.

(and yeah, we’ll be doing the same in reverse later, it’s just there are more male figures to pick from in Western history). I’m not limiting anything to Western – in fact, I’d welcome anything that isn’t widely represented.

(And if you’re really keen to do a guys twist on historic women, please sign up for our mailing list for open calls, and select ‘Matriarch/Patriarch’ collections – enough opt-ins, I’ll see what I can do, and schedule it.)

Historical figures already claimed

  • Van Helsing
  • Arthur
  • (yours here!)


  • Spots remaining – 10 of 15 (this is updated as often as we can, but may be out of sync). Royalty split is 1/16th of royalties for each author, with the final share being split between anyone whose word count is over the median. If less than 15 people participate, the split will be the count of 1/authors+1
  • Length – 10-20k (hard limit, 25k). The final length will be used to calculate median length, to split the final 16th of the share on the book’s royalties.
  • Buy-in – $50. Contract return makes buy-in non-refundable. Late submissions or submissions not included will not be included in the share breakdown, nor receive a refund or royalties of any kind (excluded from our royalty guarantee). We will instead link to your site in our ‘honoured guests’ sidebar.
  • Submission deadline – 15th October for final proofread (included in buy-in). Editing is at author’s own expense.
  • Release date – 5th November, 90 days in KU, then a decision to continue for a further 90 days either in KU or Wide from authors in the anthology will be required.
  • Rights reversion – 180 days after publication date, with a fully formatted copy of your book, rights reversion.
  • Buy in covers – book cover, proofreading, professional formatting, advertising before and after launch, graphics creation. There is no administration fee.

At the end of 180 days, we will return your book, and format, and, if your share of the royalties isn’t at least $30, we will top up your royalties at your last payment to equal $30 in royalties.


Author responsibilities

Included in the contract is author responsibilities – this includes sharing your story and others on social media, sharing the cover reveal when it’s made, taking part in ALL StoryOrigin projects set up by the team, recruiting ARC readers before launch, supporting other participants in their newsletter, promoting the site/page/landing page on KushkaPress, and other anthologies that we’re running.

Sign ups

All signups are on one form for the next three anthologies – please select which anthology or anthologies you’d like to take part in, sign up and we’ll send you through more information, request clarification or return and decline your request.

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