A new release roadmap

New releases require a lot of the work and changes the ten hour marketing plan. So here’s suggestions of a change to work well on your ten hour plan.

Once your book is written and you have your cover….

Teasers, teasers, teasers

Separate the teasers that you like the best, and use them to promote your book. Head on over to Canva and use the free options and create eye-catching items, and memorable pieces of your book. Think about looking into podcasts or vlogging if you’re feeling bold. You can also generate different cover styles at Adazing.

Start building out your blog posts – talk about other books

If there are best books in (your genre), that you enjoy, talk about them. Post about your new book and talk about everything you can think of – research, your cover, your discoveries. Share the joy and pain of getting the books done.

Set up book giveaways

Choose books

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