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This week’s quoteable

Writers have whole galaxies in our heads, maps in our fingers, and belief in our hearts.

Kai Viola – 2020 – https://kushkapress.com/

The inspiration….

This week, I saw a post talking about the different ways writers see novelling. Meredeth Ireland said something really funny on Twitter, and quite on the nose for many writers, and it got me thinking…

First, the tweet.

While I know writers of both kinds (broadly plotters and pantersers), I’m not sure I fall into either category. I just kinda unearth stories in my head. I write to find the galaxies in my head (and heart), through the maps in my fingers, and with belief in my heart. I believe that my characters are real, because to me, they are.

They live in there, in the strata, and I breach something, I find a bone…it’s like a kind of really wierd archaeology, I guess. It also explains why I mostly write in fragments – you could say I go one bone at a time. And I like it that way 🙂
How about you? (also, thanks to Meredeth for the wonderful prompt).

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