Well, I wish this was good news, but it’s not.
Existence Oblivion, which was due to release tomorrow, was cancelled at the last minute for…reasons unknown. We’ve decided, as I’m sick and have shingles that the best plan is to work an extra month into the schedule and get everything done – right – and as best as we can.

The shingles is across my face too, so I’m struggling with a lot right now – I’m probably sleeping about 50% more, which, for an insomniac, is really impressive, but not fun.

The new release schedule is:
30th JuneExistence Oblivion
8th July21 Healthy Habits reissue
30th July Glass Block reissue
August 30thRogue – To Honor Anubis and Osiris
November 12th…And miles to go before I sleep
November 30thSnowblind

I understand – and share – the dissapointment this must bring, but we’ve already lodged the new version to go live and as soon as I can, I’ll update links and we’ll be there and it’ll be sorted. I hope.

The giveaway will run as set up.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Did you know I have a Reader group?

Well, I do! I run giveaways, and announce things to there first, and ask opinions, share snippets and more. There’s no cost, charge or obligation in joining, but you could score ARCs or exclusive goodies.

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