Newsletter – June 28th

No newsletter this week – Mailerlite seems to be having problems and I don’t want to risk it.

Instead, please check out the new things we’ve added to the blog!

Our Freebies also has a subscribable calendar, and we’ve added a 2020 release calendar too!

Wednesday Inspiration restarts this week, and a new feature – a monthly roundup of everyting I’ve read, played, listened to and watched. I think that’s gonna be a bigger post than I expect, but we’ll see what happens.

How is everyone? Lockdown is sorta lifted here – non-essential businesses will be allowed to reopen soon, but I’ve already decided that it’s safer for me to stay home unless I really need something, so my behaviour isn’t going to change any time soon. Masks are hard to find here that aren’t just bandanas, or tubes of cloth, so I’m hanging around till I can solve that.

Oh, and I’ll be running stuff for Camp Nanowrimo this month too – if you join the Wayward Inkslingers Discord, we’ll be sprinting. If you’re local, there’s a specific one for those that are under my care due to being in my region too!

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