What’s coming in July?

Well, other than Camp Nanowrimo? (if you’re local to me, you will have your invite to the server – if you’re not, part of my local crew, I’ll also be running on WayWard InkSlingers, and you’re welcome to join me there! There’s sprints and all sorts of fun.

And I’ll be launching some new projects and new things that people can get involved in – three anthologies, a PPC project and The Indie Summer Club! More on that later though!

July’s releases


Footnotes to a Lesson

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Also included in Memento Mori, this is a ‘thinking man’s zombie’ short story.
After the plague that created them is cured, a few zombies remain – this is the story of one of them.


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The book before AMFAR. Pitting Suki and Mae against an issue in the Watchtower, this Garrett/AMFAR crossover explains the beginning of the end in their Universe.
Suki, the Housemother meets Maehb, the White Priestess

Out Among the Stars

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Originally included in a collection called ‘Once Upon a Twist’, this is my scifi start to my own ‘Once upon a Twist’ project.
A sci-fi retelling of Setana and the Blacksmith’s dog!

Book releases in July

21 Healthy Habits


One of the hardest things to do, once you’ve lost your way, is to find it back. In this 21 day guide of mindful meditation and habits that set your day and night up right, Kai Viola looks at how to form habits, why it’s important for mental health and what you can do to adapt and find time to write.
21 Healthy Habits talks about the foundations of habits, some frameworks you can follow and other information you can use to build your world.

Burlesque Under Lockdown


It was only supposed to be one last dance…
A weekend away.
Her best friends’ stag party and hen parties combined… Their best friends from their childhood. Her best friends are off-limits – but the rest?
What is a girl to do?
A story from the Garret Universe – meet Suki before she became a House Mother.
A novella from the Love Under Lockdown Project.  For more books, visit Love Under Lockdown Series

Existence Oblivion


Can one soul prevent Oblivion?  Maybe with a little help from her friends
Maebh had discovered early on that of all the things she had to deal with, sometimes using her middle name was easier than explaining why “Maebh” was a trick name. So she was Mae to her close friends, Hellenna professionally (Siobhan, again…arguments).

And that’s just for starters. I’ll be sharing daily writing prompts, support for writers and artists as they take part in Camp Nanowrimo, and adjusting to new normals and more. Plus, adding a few brand new websites to the mix.

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