KIll Kit Killers Volume 1 of our CrimeBinger Series

Some killers don’t plan their crimes, but there are some truly heinous serial killers who not only plan and plot to kill for various reasons, and these killers ae called ‘Kill Kit Killers’.

This book talks about the crimes of:

  1. BTK – Dennis Rader terrorised people in Wichita Kansas, and took over 30 years to be caught.
  2. Ted Bundy – Ted Bundy is a notorious serial killer, charismatic, intelligent and deadly.
  3. Israel Keys
  4. Colin Ireland
  5. Andrei Chikatilo
  6. Albert FIsh
  7. Gabriel Rolling
  8. Darren Deon Vann
  9. Steve Pennell
  10. William Devin Howell

Releasing on 30th September, you can pre-order today!

There will be more in the CrimeBinger series. Our next book is about Poisoners.