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Book Cover: With Benefits
Part of the Garrett series:
  • With Benefits
Part of the Her Entourage series:
  • With Benefits
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  • With Benefits
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  • With Benefits
Hera thinks that her life can't get any worse. Her last project has been put on indefinite hold after her lead actor was rightly crucified in the press, then pandemic lockdowns and... the list just goes on.
It's been a long year, and about to get longer because, every five years, Hera goes home to be judg... visit her family and catch up.
Judging though, is always on her mind. Whether her family means to or not, the "playful competition" isn't playful, or much of a game. She just can't compete with her sisters, and their apparently perfect lives.
Both her sisters married their childhood sweethearts, while she ends up with all the guys that just aren't Mr Right. And it always comes back to that. He's "Right Now", not "Right", and each family gathering always ends in everyone trying to set her up with their single friends. And then, there's "The arrangement"...
So, after she gets stranded returning home to a family reunion, and that stranding is a bubble of cast and crew from her last project, is it possible that an arrangement of convenience that was started two years before could become something more?
A steamy romantic comedy, from the "Her Entourage" universe.
Publisher: Midnight's Magic

Crime Binger, Book 1

Book Cover: Kill Kit Killers - Crimebinger Book 1
Part of the CrimeBinger series:
  • Kill Kit Killers - Crimebinger Book 1

Murder comes in a variety of types, but some of the most heinous are those that are prepared for.
Whether one off or part of a mass killing or serial killing, mass shootings and murders with Kill Kits are planned, plotted and designed.
In this book, we examine some famous and not so famous kill kit killers, looking at ten of these people, and the aftermath of their actions.

The ten featured killers are:

  • BTK - Dennis Rader terrorised people in Wichita Kansas, and took over 30 years to be caught.
  • Ted Bundy - Ted Bundy is a notorious serial killer, charismatic, intelligent and deadly.
  • Israel Keys
  • Colin Ireland
  • Andrei Chikatilo
  • Albert FIsh
  • Gabriel Rolling
  • Darren Deon Vann
  • Steve Pennell
  • William Devin Howell
Publisher: KushkaPress - Agora
Cover Artists:

A reader magnet from Menento Mori

Book Cover: *Footnotes to a Lesson by Sabrann Curach
Part of the Reader Magents series:
  • *Footnotes to a Lesson by Sabrann Curach

Post-apocalypse, zombies have now been put down and the human race is rebuilding. The last exhibit of that horrible time tells her story.
A tale of betrayal, lost love and a world after the plague.

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