Out Among the Stars by D Kai Wilson-Viola

Once upon a Twist

Book Cover: Out Among the Stars by D Kai Wilson-Viola
Part of the Once Upon a Twist series:
  • Out Among the Stars by D Kai Wilson-Viola

Raised by a distant father, and living little better than a thief, Sétanta finds himself in a settlement, pulling a job. But that job goes far from acceptably, and he discovers something more than a treasure that had been targetted and stumbles into his destiny.

Originally from the 'Once upon a Twist' anthology, and kicking off the 'Once Upon a Twist' fairytale project.

*Footnotes to a Lesson by Sabrann Curach

A reader magnet from Menento Mori

Book Cover: *Footnotes to a Lesson by Sabrann Curach
Part of the Reader Magents series:

Post-apocalypse, zombies have now been put down and the human race is rebuilding. The last exhibit of that horrible time tells her story.
A tale of betrayal, lost love and a world after the plague.

This book will be available on my newsletter on or before July 1st. After July 1st, you can sign up via StoryOrigin for your copy!

The 10 Hour Marketing Plan by D Kai Wilson-Viola

The minimalist's guide to promotion

The ultimate minimalist guide to promoting your writing and art, the ten-hour plan talks you through a very simple, incredibly effective pattern allows you to work with the time you have, and fit most of your marketing into ten hours a week.  It is designed to fit around writing, work, and everything else by designing a plan which fits in with everything that people need to do in 10 hours (or less!) a week.  From (guest) blogging to your newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, this no-nonsense guide takes you through the best ways to promote your work without committing too much time to do so and ensure you’ve still got time to create.  While nothing sells book 1 like book 2, you can also learn how to...

  • Maximise your time on Facebook
  • Use Twitter to your advantage
  • Understand and use Pinterest and Instagram
  • Work with Triberr
  • Use your blog and your mailing list to jumpstart and create a brilliant way to build while writing

All of which is designed to support you in becoming a selling machine and tapping into the free traffic all around you,  without feeling like all you’re doing is talking to friends and family.  Break out of the cycle of only reaching other authors and build a vibrant community that isn’t just on one platform with the guide.
The Ten Hour Marketing plan will give you the chance to break the cycle of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and give you a concrete plan to keep you from procrastinating.
The original plan was written for the Indie Author Group which was co-founded by both Valerie Douglas and D Kai Wilson-Viola and is an evergreen favorite for those stuck on how to organise their plans.  The guide has been successfully used to promote books by both Kai and other members of the group, so is road tested and designed to give you the best of your time, help you track it AND give you the chance to ensure that you’re still free to write, and show you how to track it all to build a strong ROI

12×12 by Kai Viola – 12 easy social media projects to complete

12 tutorials to up your social media game!

Book Cover: 12x12 by Kai Viola - 12 easy social media projects to complete
Part of the InDIY Guides series:

Have you got 90 minutes? Want to make a huge impact on your writing time?
The 12x12 is there for you. Each of the 12 main articles talks you through what you've got to do to make a specific aspect of social media work.

21 Healthy Habits by D Kai Wilson-Viola

A writer's guide to making time to write

One of the hardest things to do, once you've lost your way, is to find it back. In this 21 day guide of mindful meditation and habits that set your day and night up right, Kai Viola looks at how to form habits, why it's important for mental health and what you can do to adapt and find time to write.

2nd Edition coming 20th July!


Coming Soon!



…And Miles to Go before I Sleep by D Kai Wilson-Viola

Book Cover: ...And Miles to Go before I Sleep by D Kai Wilson-Viola

A collection of essays on the lockdown, psychosis, mental health and wellness, creativity, and the reasons suicide can't be the answer.
A poignant, raw and heartfelt look at the modern state of mental health stigma, and support, the essays touch on everything from living with mental health, the changes in diagnosis criteria, psychosis and dealing with everything surrounding it.
Kai breaks down these essays into four sections, based around the final verse of "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost.