Out Among the Stars by D Kai Wilson-Viola

Once upon a Twist

Book Cover: Out Among the Stars by D Kai Wilson-Viola
Part of the Once Upon a Twist series:
  • Out Among the Stars by D Kai Wilson-Viola

Raised by a distant father, and living little better than a thief, Sétanta finds himself in a settlement, pulling a job. But that job goes far from acceptably, and he discovers something more than a treasure that had been targetted and stumbles into his destiny.

Originally from the 'Once upon a Twist' anthology, and kicking off the 'Once Upon a Twist' fairytale project.

FunHouse by Kai Ellory Viola

All my Friends are Reapers/Garrett Crossover

Something weird is going on near the temple, which is near the Watchhouse and Suki calls on Maehb, someone she's known for many years.  The start of both the Garrett and All my Friends are Reapers series, set just before the world falls apart.


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Memento Mori by Sabrann Curach

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural

Book Cover: Memento Mori by Sabrann Curach

With a foreword by D Kai Wilson-Viola, talking about her longterm horror pen name, here is a collection of stories from Footnotes to a Lesson's world, the prequel to Pillow Talk, Memento, a story of a serial killer and the mistake he made with his last memento, Mori, and Dia, talking about the days we honour the dead and more, this collection contains all of the stories to date in Sabrann Curach's current collection, from flash to novella.

*Footnotes to a Lesson by Sabrann Curach

A reader magnet from Menento Mori

Book Cover: *Footnotes to a Lesson by Sabrann Curach
Part of the Reader Magents series:

Post-apocalypse, zombies have now been put down and the human race is rebuilding. The last exhibit of that horrible time tells her story.
A tale of betrayal, lost love and a world after the plague.

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Burlesque in Lockdown by Kairis Viola

Love under Lockdown

Book Cover: Burlesque in Lockdown by Kairis Viola
Part of the Garrett series:
Part of the Love Under Lockdown series:
  • Burlesque in Lockdown by Kairis Viola

It was only supposed to be one last dance...
A weekend away.
Her best friends' stag party and hen parties combined... Their best friends from their childhood. Her best friends are off-limits - but the rest?
What is a girl to do?
A story from the Garret Universe - meet Suki before she became a House Mother.

A novella from the Love Under Lockdown Project.  For more books, visit Love Under Lockdown Series

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