FunHouse by Kai Ellory Viola

All my Friends are Reapers/Garrett Crossover

Something weird is going on near the temple, which is near the Watchhouse and Suki calls on Maehb, someone she's known for many years.  The start of both the Garrett and All my Friends are Reapers series, set just before the world falls apart.


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Burlesque in Lockdown by Kairis Viola

Love under Lockdown

Book Cover: Burlesque in Lockdown by Kairis Viola
Part of the Garrett series:
Part of the Love Under Lockdown series:
  • Burlesque in Lockdown by Kairis Viola

It was only supposed to be one last dance...
A weekend away.
Her best friends' stag party and hen parties combined... Their best friends from their childhood. Her best friends are off-limits - but the rest?
What is a girl to do?
A story from the Garret Universe - meet Suki before she became a House Mother.

A novella from the Love Under Lockdown Project.  For more books, visit Love Under Lockdown Series

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