Memento Mori by Sabrann Curach

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural

Book Cover: Memento Mori by Sabrann Curach

With a foreword by D Kai Wilson-Viola, talking about her longterm horror pen name, here is a collection of stories from Footnotes to a Lesson's world, the prequel to Pillow Talk, Memento, a story of a serial killer and the mistake he made with his last memento, Mori, and Dia, talking about the days we honour the dead and more, this collection contains all of the stories to date in Sabrann Curach's current collection, from flash to novella.


All Amara wanted was to do as she was asked and dispense a bit of justice, and maybe, just maybe, learn some magic. So, when she's chosen for the reaper core, not the mages, as she'd hoped, things dramatically.  Already trained in some magics, the Reaper core decides to appoint her as secondary Arbiter after it's clear that Maehb and Jax are struggling to contain the devastation being wreaked in the wake of the first wave of the great game for the whole of existence, and as support for the first Conclave. But as one of the worst snowstorms blows in, isolating the hotel they're all meeting at for the first conclave, the mages might just find themselves Snowblind - grounded, unable to cast spells, frozen.  Only a Reaper can break the deadlock - Amara. Coming November 30th!

Publisher: Midnight's Magic
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Rogue: To Honor Anubis and Osiris by Kai Ellory Viola

To Honor Anubis and Osiris

Book Cover: Rogue: To Honor Anubis and Osiris by Kai Ellory Viola
Part of the All My Friends are Reapers series:

Maehb and Jax are sorting out a mess - while the competition is ongoing, some of the other gods are taking advantage of setting some petty squabbles and nastiness. The problem is, they're both stepping into arguments that have nothing to do with the errands they're on. And while the world is already on the brink, and everything is going in directions that make no sense, it's hard to know what choices are the right ones. And, it turns out, Mae isn't as far from her own time, or her own home as she thought, which makes it all the harder when part of what is going on involves several of her old sect. But she's got a dashing companion - Jax is one of the younger Reapers - one she has a nagging feeling she might actually know. And he's kind, bright and clever, so it's not as hard as it could be, right?Depends what you define as hard - learning magic, using it safely and stopping Jax from claiming people he finds interesting versus those that would actually work better for his dieties gives her a whole new idea of why she wasn't expecting this - at all. And why she's pretty sure that if she's not doing the things that she should, that there's more at stake than the end of the world, though, that's quite a big issue in all itself. With all this going on though, and Jax's behaviour becomes more erratic, she realises that being an Arbiter is just as much about saving the Reapers, as saving the world.The Second book of All my Freinds are Reapers centres around Anubis and Osiris, and Jax, a reaper with a past that he's running from, and a life he traded for a long time ago, and one he's not willing to trade back.


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Existence Oblivion by Kai Ellory Viola

Can one soul prevent Oblivion?  Maybe with a little help from her friends
Maebh had discovered early on that of all the things she had to deal with, sometimes using her middle name was easier than explaining why "Maebh" was a trick name. So she was Mae to her close friends, Hellenna professionally (Siobhan, again...arguments).
So, when she died, she thought there would be a feather, her heart, points would be awarded for not dicking people around with her name, and maybe time for an "Oh bugger," if she was eaten.
Instead, she awoke in a place that could not be, surrounded by nine people, weapons drawn. And they were all squabbling over who could claim her soul! Each chased off the other, until a voice thundered "She's MINE!"
And that's when things got a bit complicated. Each of the nine Reapers' gods appeared. Eight of which she had venerated in one way or another. And one she had to be introduced to. The ninth, sputtering at the indignity, demanded, that to make the Game fair, she is partnered with another like her.
So...the Game was proposed. Souls as rare and open as hers were hard to find. Each reaper's next 20 claims would be weighed, measured and held. The pantheon with the most got the prize...Except, the reapers could go anywhere in time to find them, so there was no time limit. Probably a good thing.
Mae's job? To ensure they were taking people at their time, not before and that they were not interfering with the people they collected beforehand. Not easy when she had 10 people to watch, including her opposite.
Oh, and if the God she didn't believe in won, her existence - the Universe - will be completely obliterated. Heaven hath no fury like a diety unacknowledged...
No pressure...


"So, what exactly is the deal with that?" she quirked her eyebrow and looked over at the scythe.  Jax rolled his eyes. "No, seriously.  It's luminous pink!"
"'s imbued with power, and resonates to the shade of the aura of the soul I've to reap next.  No accidents wandering through...y'know, crowds and stuff,"
"Oh..." she said. "Didn't really consider...huh.  You can accidentally reap someone?"
"Yes," he said after a pause.  His face was deadpan.
"Have you...?"
Another pause, a quieter, "Yes."  It seemed to come through gritted teeth.
"And what was this premature-"
"Right, hold it..." he said, exploding from the chair. "It happened once. And all that happened was I put them back.  That's what out of body experiences are," he finished, softly.