The Big KushkaPress Reboot!

KushkaPress is proud to announce our reboot! We’ve chosen five books – three new releases, and two re-releases to run in our big reboot. And we’re running a Rafflecopter, inviting people to join my readers’ group and more.
Interested in learning about what we’re rebooting?

First though – the books already out are

The 10 hour marketing plan

January 1st 2019

A ten hour a week plan for balanced marketing and writing time.


February 1st 2019

12 basic social media projects, which allow you to build on your social media presences and extend into new ones.

I’m having so much fun!

I’m interrupting this blog post to invite you to my event – if you miss it there will still be livestreams and other goodies!

These are the five books I’m releasing in the next while (and the one we announced on the live feed!

Book release order

I’m really glad we’re back and that I’m getting to share my books with everyone!
Finally, please head on over to my giveaway to enter to win!
So…that’s it official. Tomorrow, I’ll share a bit of what I’ve been doing, why I’ve been away, and what our long-term plans are.
Anything you’re tempted by?

Did you know I have a Reader group?

Well, I do! I run giveaways, and announce things to there first, and ask opinions, share snippets and more. There’s no cost, charge or obligation in joining, but you could score ARCs or exclusive goodies.