Get ready for your next book crush!

When I started writing ‘All my Friends are Reapers’, I never thought it’d turn into what it did. It’s a huge, sprawling story of epic proportions so far. And the first book is released at the end of the month too!

From there we’ll be running a modified rapid release cycle of approximately three months a book, over the nine pantheons and main storyline at the centre.

We kick off the whole thing with Existence Oblivion, where you get to meet all of the Reapers, the Dieties they serve, and discover why this is going on, but most of all you get to meet Maebh, and maybe, Jax, who definitely appears in Rogue, the next book in the series.

Who’s the book crush?

I’ve been asked this by a lot of my alpha readers – whether it was ok that they’ve all got different ‘book crushes’ in the series – and honestly, that’s the best kind. Whether you’re team Mae, team Jax, team Amara (who is the woman with the husky on Snowblind). Whether you end up enjoying any and all of them is the most important thing to me, after writing books. So…the book crush is YOUR choice!

We’ve announced three so far – Existence Oblivion, Rogue and Snowblind, and tomorrow, I’m going to share a sample!
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Did you know I have a Reader group?

Well, I do! I run giveaways, and announce things to there first, and ask opinions, share snippets and more. There’s no cost, charge or obligation in joining, but you could score ARCs or exclusive goodies.