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First though, a quick break!

Did you know I have a Reader group?

Well, I do! I run giveaways, and announce things to there first, and ask opinions, share snippets and more. There’s no cost, charge or obligation in joining, but you could score ARCs or exclusive goodies.

Join for free stories!

On July 1st, we’ll be offering ‘Footnotes to a Lesson’ – a zombie story with a difference, on July 14th, an abridged version of ‘Out Among the Stars’, where we kick off our Twisted Tales collection.
July 15th, we’ll be releasing ‘Funhouse’ – the story of Maehb, Suki and Jax, and background on All My Friends are Reapers – and a little on the worlds of Garrett and Darkness too!
Finally on August 1st, we’ll be releasing a new set of stories. Sign up to get them!

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